Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Garden

Our garden is in full bloom. We have so many tomatoes, they're mostly green now but they're turning red daily. I'm using them for my fresh salsa. Plus my peppers are doing great. I have eaten many of them. Yum! My DH has been enjoying his jalapeno peppers. I still haven't pulled many of the carrots - waiting for them to get bigger. The only problem with our garden is my squash plants. I think something got to them and now they aren't doing too well. But before anything happened to them they did produce one. Just not one that I thought I would get. It was GREEN.
What was suppose to come from these plants was a YELLOW squash. I checked the package and it even promotes on the front "their golden yellow color". I don't like zucchini but I couldn't let something I grew go to waste so I cut it up and stuck it in a Sausage and Pepper pasta bake. It was good.
I am already trying to figure out how to make our garden better for next year.

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