Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want free stuff???

I love getting free stuff and I especially love having all my Christmas gifts free from Amazon. So throughout the year I use some sites to help me achieve this.
Here is a list of sites that I use to get Amazon gift codes.

SwagBucks - a search engine that gives you points just for searching. You will receive anywhere from 3 to 1000 points for a search (normally just around 10, unless you are lucky and get a higher amount) The points are rewarded randomly for normal search behavior (meaning don't keep putting a search in one after another or you will be locked out). You can then redeem these points for some kind of reward. I personally like the $5.00 Amazon gift code for 450 points.

iRazoo - They are a bit like Swagbucks. You will be rewarded randomly for your searches and 100 points daily for site recommendations. Plus they have treasure codes (for various points) sometimes in different places like their facebook page. They have a bunch of different prizes that you can redeem the points for. I, again, like the $5.00 Amazon gift for 3000 points.

Opinion Place - a survey site where if you qualify for the survey you can get Amazon or PayPal gift codes. They send you invites in your email or you can check their website every few days (after you qualify for or try to qualify for a survey you are not allowed to try again for a few days - they will let you know.) I have actually qualified for a quite a few.

My Points - a program where you can get gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants, like CVS, Target, Old Navy or Amazon.com. It's simple - they send you email offers (a few a day) and all you do is click on the link and you are awarded 5 points. Sometimes they send surveys that can get you 10 points just for seeing if you qualify and 50 points if you do qualify. You can also shop online and earn points. This is one of the easiest sites to get free stuff from. (If you are a Buzz Agent you will also be rewarded with points through them)

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