Monday, March 15, 2010

My Kroger Shopping Trip

Went to Kroger this morning and got everything pictured above for $36.81. Without coupons and taking part in the Mega Deal the total was $146.93. That's over $110 in savings. I had a total of 58 items, so if you break it down that's 0.63 per item.

This was a "stock up" trip for me, lots of pasta (free), jarred pasta sauce (0.99 each) and canned tomatoes (0.24 each). No meat except for two packages of Pollack for $1.99 each and a few fruits and veggies mixed in there too.

You can do this too, check out my coupon match ups for Kroger here. Plus don't forget to play March to Savings game to win free stuff from Kroger.

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