Sunday, May 15, 2011

Freezer Cooking for the New Baby!

Since we are expecting our second child in just a few weeks (a girl!) I have been busy getting things ready. I have stocked up on diapers and wipes, gotten out and washed all our baby toys, rearranged the playroom to fit the baby toys, done loads and loads of laundry to wash all the new girlie clothes (in Dreft, of course) and even cleaned out the linen closest - not sure why, just seemed like it needed it. The biggest thing I have done that will help us out tremendously after her arrival is to prepare meals and freeze them. Most of the meals I have made, I made for dinner that night and just made extra to freeze. Makes it a lot easier on yourself.

Here is a list of what I made:

Chicken Meatballs & Ziti

Unstuffed Peppers Casserole

Mexican Chicken Casserole

Pulled Chicken

Bolognese Sauce

Burritos (I heard these freeze and heat up great)

Whole Wheat Waffles

Fajita Chicken (uncooked chicken frozen in homemade fajita sauce - all we have to do is cut up fresh veggies to make a meal)

Bags & Bags of cooked chicken (I buy chicken quarters really cheap and cook them all up. Then cut the meat off the bone - really easy) This will be used in various meals like pasta and cream sauce - which I have jars of.

Pretty much all the meals have the basic instructions of what to do taped on them - so even my husband can easily pop them in the oven :) Plus I have put them in throw away foil pans, less dishes to clean. These meals will help us out for a while. I will also have my mom here for a few days and she will cook for us and bring more homemade frozen meals. Whatever can be done to make life easier after the baby, I feel like I have done (hopefully). Now we just have to sit back and wait to meet her. Can't wait!

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