Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Garden: 2011 - Where are the Beans?

Our garden has grown a lot since the last time I wrote about it. The tomato plants are huge, we've had to cut them back a few times already. But they have a ton of fruit on them. Mostly green right now, but they will be red before I know it and I will be canning them up and making lots and lots of fresh salsa, Yum! In fact I have made one batch of salsa already.

The scallions are about ready to pick, just seeing if they will get just a little bigger. The squash is finally growing, I have picked only one so far. The green peppers are not doing so good, something is eating the flowers off them. I was able to pick three so far and they are so good. I am going to have to find out what is eating them because I LOVE my green peppers and want to enjoy lots of them. My husbands hot peppers are taking off. He has picked so many. Has one or two with dinner every night!

We had lettuce and spinach, but a bunny decided to have them for his dinner one night. :( And then there are my beans. The plants are out of control, climbing up the porch and wrapping around everything. I have had to cut them back too. But they are all vine and leaves, no beans. I could have sworn I had beans by this time last year. Hopefully they are coming soon. I would love to make my bean and feta salad with fresh home grown beans.

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