Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids shoes 30-75% off at Target

I was just at my local Target and saw that they had kids shoes for 30-75% off. I was able to get my son two pair of shoes for the fall/winter for just $6.22. That's equal to or better then buying second hand. Here is how I did it. I bought him a pair of Cherokee shoes that were regularly $14.99 on sale for $3.74 and a pair of Champion shoes regularly priced at $14.99 on sale for $7.48. I used the $5.00 off Champion coupon Target had out recently (no longer available) and got the shoes for $2.48. I did not watch the cashier when he scanned it so I don't know if it beeped or went through fine. So beware of that when you go shopping.

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