Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Consignment Buys

What I won't do for a bargain! Last Saturday even though Irene was well on her way I set out to the Tickles & Giggles half price consignment sale. I got a lot of girls clothes (as you can see) I needed one piece outfits for when she starts to crawl and pajamas. Every item I got for my daughter was $1.00 or less with the exception of her ladybug Halloween costume which was $2.00. She is going to look so cute in it!

For my son I didn't find too much. I was able to get some jeans and a few shirts. The best deal I got was a Ralph Lauren dark blue jacket for $4.00.

Isn't that nice? He is going to look so handsome and he is going to be able to wear it in the fall and spring.

If you went out and bought at Tickles & Giggles I hope you did as good as I. And if you bought any little boys clothes, I thank you. I did really well with my sales.

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