Monday, February 22, 2010

Tropicana's Juicy Rewards

Tropicana has a new rewards program called "Juicy Rewards". Under the caps of specially marked cartons of OJ you will find a code to enter for points. If you're not much of an OJ drinker or think Tropicana is too expensive, like me, I suggest you still sign up. They have some points out there right now for free. This new program could give out random points here and there like Pampers and Huggies reward programs. I don't use Pampers and have accumulated a few points from their freebies. Tropicana has a lot of rewards that are only one or two points and a lot of the rewards are for local places like museums and parks. Some rewards around me are B1G1 50% off admission at Kangaroo Jacs for 1 pt or B2G up to 2 free admissions to Lewis Ginter for 2 pts. If you like golf they have rewards for Belmont and The Crossings too. It's worth signing up. If you register now you can get 3 pts. Here is how:

Use code Yahoo-34765 for 1 pt (I know it says use by Feb 19, but I used it today and it worked fine)
Use code LA73E CL9W4 for 1 pt
Take a survey for 1 pt
3 pts will already get you one of the great rewards.

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