Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making your own play food

My son loves playing with his play food. He loves chopping the food up and serving it to Mommy and Daddy. So I decided to make some sandwich food for him myself instead of buying him the wooden kind.

I went to Michaels and bought some Fun Foam (used my 40% coupons) I cut the foam into lettuce, ham, bologna, roast beef, cheese, tomato and peppers - all the things you need to make a yummy sandwich. I already had the bread from one of his other play sets, even though you could easily cut a few pieces of bread from some light brown foam. All the pieces are a little bit bigger than the piece of bread so they can be seen and it looks like a real sandwich. I think the Fun Foam stacks better then the wooden kind because your sandwich isn't a "foot tall" with just a few cold cuts. If you child is anything like my son then making a Dagwood is a lot easier with the foam. My son is really enjoying playing with his new food. He loves shouting out everything he is stacking on the sandwich and hands it to Mommy with a huge grin on his face. I have to say he makes a good sandwich :)

There is a lot of things you can make with Fun Foam. Next I think I will make some play money from the left over green and brown foam.

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