Wednesday, March 9, 2011

$10 Toiletry Challenge

A few of us Richmond Bloggers did a $10 toiletry challenge to see who could stretch their $10 the furthest. We all met last night to compare buys. We bought a whopping $468.81 worth of toiletries for just $59.13 out of pocket! That's an 87.39% savings! Not Bad! Here is a pic of what I bought:

I was able to get $106.52 worth of stuff for $10.32. Most of what I bought was from the Rite Aid (a store a had actually never shopped before) with a few things bought at CVS, Target and Walgreens. For this challenge I decided to mainly go with the high value stuff that you can get for FREE using coupons and getting back store money coupons (ie: CVS Extra Bucks, Register Rewards) My strategy paid off!!

Here is a picture of almost everything we collected. (Stephanie could not make it, so $54 worth of stuff is missing)

As you can see there is a lot of toothpaste! (Something you should never ever have to pay for)

Here is how it broke down by blogger:

Eleanor at Saving Our Way - $83.62 worth of toiletries for $9.55 OPP.
Angie at My Four Monkeys - $60.32 worth of toiletries for $9.21 OPP.
Alison at Richmond Bargains - $90.33 worth of toiletries for $10.14 OPP.
Stephanie at Coupon Clippin' Mommy - $54.15 worth of toiletries for $10.08 OPP.
Tiffany at Young and Frugal in Virginia - $73.88 worth of toiletries for $9.83 OPP.

It was another fun challenge!

All the toiletries were donated to Safe Harbor Shelter.

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